Monday, March 14, 2011

For news on the Japanese nuclear reactors

I am not a big fan of the Union of Concerned Scientists.  I tend to think that, like many formerly nonpartisan organizations, have been hijacked by the far left to give cover, in this case scientific cover, to an appalling agenda.  However, they have a blog called All Things Nuclear that appears to be giving good, timely explanations for what is going on at the Fukushima nuclear complex and others in Japan.

Some things to remember about the nuclear crises in Japan:
  1. The process of nuclear energy is too complicated for most people to understand thoroughly, journalists included, myself included.  Many journalists are doing yeoman's work to find people who do have that understanding to explain what is going on to the people.  Unfortunately, as I have learned in the court room, expert witnesses make good experts but not necessarily good witnesses, and some of these experts have a tough time translating their expertise into something that a layman can understand.
  2. That said, no one -- no one -- understands quite what is going on in the Fukushima reactors.  Because of heat and radiation, they simply cannot get close enough to them to give a decent inspection.  Even the engineers in the Fukushima control rooms have only a limited understanding, based on what their instruments are telling them; and
  3. Say a prayer for those engineeers.  They are quite literally risking their lives by staying in irradiated control rooms to try to save thousands of people from nuclear disaster.

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