Monday, May 2, 2011

Give Obama credit

As you know, I am no fan of Barack Obama's policies.  On some such as defense, foreign policy, courts and environmental policy, I think just about everything he is doing is flat-out wrong and possibly against US interests.  On others, such as the stimulus, financial regulation and ObamaCare, I am ambivalent, though the way ObamaCare was passed is reprehensible.

That said, it was under Obama's watch and as, at least in part, a result of Obama's executive decisions that a team of US Navy SEALS was able to raid Usama bin Laden's rather obvious compound in the Islamabad suburb of Abbottabad, Pakistan, and come out with his head -- literally.

For that, Obama deserves praise.  Very nicely done.

I know many of his opponents are complaining about certain aspects of his event, such as the burial of bin Laden as sea under Islamic customs and Obama's announcement last night, but this opponent will not.  The bottom line is that bin Laden, the spiritual leader of al Qaida and of Islamism worldwide is gone.

There will be political ramifications, both national and international.  Nationally, it gives Barack Obama a large and well-deserved political boost.  Joy Behar and Barbara Walters are saying, “Just cancel the 2012 election right now."  They may be right.  But if that is true, it is on the basis of something Barack Obama did that is unquestionably good for this country.  He is entitled to use it politically, and his opponents will have to deal with it.  Neither side of the political spectrum should wish ill upon the US for partisan political gain.  And I will not.

Internationally, while this is a great victory for Western Civilization, the war against Islamism is far from over.  Al Qaida and its affiliates are certain to retaliate.  The Muslim Brotherhood will continue to gain power in Egypt.  Counterintuitively, this may drive Pakistan and Afghanistan further away from the United States, as bin Laden's death makes a US pullout from Af-Pak more likely, which will discourage both governments from further cooperation with the US.

Fine. Every action has consequences.  We will have to deal with that. And we will.

For now, Barack Obama and his national security team has a major concrete national security accomplishment.  They deserve congratulations.

And we all should celebrate.

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