Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Beloved Trajan

I am still as sick as a dog and barely able to produce a coherent thought, let alone type a coherent sentence.  But I do have some interesting pictures of my beloved Rome I can easily share.  Here is Marcus Ulpius Nerva Trajanus Augustus, better known as Trajan (technically pronounced "TRAY-an").

Still beloved in Rome: the Emperor Trajan.

Trajan was always one of the "good" emperors, but I didn't realize how good.  Look closely at the base of the statue itself.

There is a rose.  Someone placed a rose there.  To honor Trajan.

Other than Julius Caesar's Basilica in the Roman Forum (which had a lot of offerings placed by fans), this was the only imperial monument to have any offerings.

It's wondferful to see the people of Rome take such pride in their imperial history.

And another reason why I love Rome.

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