Friday, October 7, 2011

NCAA screws Ohio State. Again.

The NCAAsuspended Ohio State wide receiver DeVier Posey for five more games Friday and three other Buckeyes for one game for taking too much money for a summer job.
Offensive lineman Marcus Hall, defensive lineman Melvin Fellows and last year's leading rusher, Daniel Herron, will miss one game and must repay benefits after receiving pay for work not performed from booster Bobby DiGeronimo, who has been banned from any further contact with Ohio State athletes.
Posey was overpaid $728. Herron and Fellows both accepted approximately $290 in excess pay while Hall received $230 in overpayment.
Posey and Herron already had been suspended five games for accepting cash and tattoos from a Columbus tattoo-parlor owner.
Posey, the Buckeyes' leading returning receiver, will not be able to play until Nov. 19 against Penn State. The others will be available at Illinois a week from Saturday, although Fellows is out with a medical issue.
Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith called the penalty against Posey "harsh."
"I am extremely disappointed with the NCAA's decision regarding Devier Posey," Smith said in a statement. "This penalty is harsh considering the nature of the violation and the five-game suspension already served by this student-athlete."
That, friends, is your 2011 Ohio State football season.  The offense is in free fall without Posey.  They may not win another game.

Now, the "crimes," such as they are, were committed by Posey and friends.  I get that.  They screwed up.  This was a violation of NCAA rules, however stupid they may be, and so you can expect a sanction to these players.  That's fine ...

Except ...

Why were those Miami Hurricanes suspended for all of one game for far worse violations, including use of prostitutes?  Maybe DiGeronimo should have just given out free hookers.  Using the Miami precedent, Ohio State might still have a season.

NCAA, you are sanctimonious, hypocritical scum. 

And you, Gene Smith, are not much better.  Between Jim Tressel (and very few people believe your protestations of innocence on Tressel), your horrid NCAA brackets, your unconscionable agreement to have extremely distasteful Wisconsin over-hated-but-respected Michigan in our division and screwing alumni out of their football tickets, you are giving credence to the rumors that you are a Notre Dame plant whose intent is to destroy Ohio State athletics.

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