Friday, November 11, 2011

Syrian opposition trying to get army help?

Jess Hill on Twitter links to an interesting Al Jazeera report on defectors from Syria's army meeting with members of the Syrian National Council, the umbrella group opposed to Bashar al-Assad.  It's really just a short blurb, but an interesting one.  Here it is:
The Syrian National Council, a group of opposition figures based outside the country, met on Thursday with defected soldiers who belong to what is being called the Free Syrian Army, according to a statement posted by the Council on its Facebook page.
The SNC "stands by" the defectors "who refused the regime's orders to fire at the unarmed demonstrators," the statement said.
The Council delegation included members of executive office Samir Nashar and Farouk Taifor, who met with Colonel Riad al-Asad, a defected officer based in a Turkey refugee camp who has assumed a role as the face of the Free Syrian Army.
Asad confirmed his support for the Council, "which reflects the demands of the Syrian people," the release said. 
The Syrian Army's recent crackdown in Homs makes me wonder if this is part of a new push by the National Council for more army defections.

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