Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Not just for kids anymore

You can't tell me this is NOT a cool present for anyone at any age:

I played a lot with LEGO bricks as a kid.  Mostly the space and town sets.  I had fun, but none of them were anywhere near this cool.

To me, it's incredible how much LEGO has changed, and improved, over the years.  It seems that LEGO has made a conscious effort to expand its market to well beyond children.  Look at the recommended age on the Imperial Shuttle pictured above.  That is well above the age at which I quit playing with LEGO toys.  And when I've gone to the LEGO store at Rockefeller Center or Castleton Square, I've seen very few children.  It's mostly been adults, ooing and aahing over some of the more complicated LEGO sets. Literally every time I've been in the LEGO store, the totally awesome LEGO Death Star has drawn a crowd. Many of the stuff that I've seen seem designed for both play and display.  The Imperial Shuttle comes with both figures and a display stand.  So does the LEGO Super Star Destroyer.  And I know more than a few adults who admit to collecting LEGO toys, especially Star Wars.  I've even seen blog posts written by adults discussing how much fun they've had with the stuff (a particular post involving the construction of the LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer, which cost in the four figures, comes to mind).

Based on what I see on store shelves, My guess is, right now, LEGO Star Wars is more popular than the Hasbro Star Wars action figures, ships and sets, which, considering how big Star Wars figures were when I was a kid, is amazing.

I myself have been looking for the LEGO Roman legionary figures for some time.  Thought they might have them in Rome, but the store I visited said the legioanry figures were a limited edition and they don't have them anymore.

Uh, why was this just a limited edition? This could have been a bonanza!  What a great way to teach history! You could have a LEGO Ancient Collection, featuring LEGO Romans, LEGO Greeks, LEGO Gauls, LEGO Carthaginians, LEGO Persians, LEGO Macedonians, LEGO Trojans.  You could have cool sets like the LEGO Roman Forum, the LEGO Greek Agora, LEGO Qinquireme, LEGO Trojan Horse, LEGO Colisum, LEGO Amphitheater, LEGO Legionary Camp.

Can we get someone on this please? STAT!

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