Monday, May 21, 2012

America can't survive with a foreign policy record like this

Obama has had some successes on the foreign policy front. I mean, some successes that actually benefit the US instead of another crappy, idiotic global warming climate change treaty. He did take out Usama bin Laden, although apparently he and his incompetent Rasputin, Valerie Jarrett, had to be dragged kicking and screaming to do it. And the East Asia desk at the State Department has been working overtime and coming up with some major accomplishments, including a budding alliance against a belligerent China and somehow getting a dissident out of that country.

But on the whole? Obama’s foreign policy has been disastrous. Jed Babbin at American Spectator gives the sickening rundown in an essay appropriately titled “Losing the World to Win Reelection”:
The greatest irony of the year is that Obama is touted as a master of national security and foreign policy. Yes, an operation he approved killed bin Laden. But the only other evidence of that mastery is the Nobel Peace Prize he was awarded in 2009, apparently in anticipation of his great deeds. His record is, simply, appalling.
Remember Honduras? In 2009, after the Honduran supreme court removed dictator wannabe Manuel Zelaya, who was constitutionally precluded from succeeding himself, the Obama administration labeled it a "coup d'état" and refused to stand behind the democratic temporary government. (Zelaya's successor was later chosen in a national election.)
Israel -- and the threat it faces from Iran -- is Obama's greatest failure. Obama has been in office for nearly four years, but he has yet to visit Israel. His enmity toward Prime Minister Netanyahu has led to Israel's isolation. The gap between the two men means that when Israel decides to take military action against Iran, as it must, we will probably not know anything about it until the operation is underway. The distrust between the two leaders is that great.
England, whose Prime Minister reportedly was tucked in bed on Air Force One by Obama on the return flight from an NCAA basketball game, may have thought that the "special relationship" forged by FDR and Churchill was still alive. That thought evaporated after Obama's declaration that America was neutral in the face of Argentina's revival of the Falkland Islands dispute over which it began a war with the UK thirty years ago.
Poland, which was promised a ground-based missile defense system by President Bush, was stunned by Obama's sudden reversal. He promised, instead, a sea-based system that our Navy lacks the numbers of ships to provide, and which has no plan or budget to build them.
As badly as our allies have been treated, Obama has embraced our enemies as much or more. Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Pakistan openly support Islamist terrorism around the globe. Saudi Arabia, hiding under cover of secretive Islamic banking transactions, is still funding terrorist groups. Russian opposition to missile defenses for Europe is likely the principal subject of Obama's sotto voce message for Putin that he'll have "more flexibility" once he's re-elected.
Obama's appeasement of Iran is manifest. Congress passed increased sanctions against Iran last year. In March, Obama exempted Japan and ten European nations from compliance with those sanctions. Iran's nuclear program continues without any effective American action against it.
His foreign policy in general has been so bad that Mass Effect fans might wonder if he has been indoctrinated by Reapers. It is imperative that Obama be voted out of office this November.

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