Friday, July 20, 2012

ABC's other crime of the day

A lot of people are talking about how, in its rush to blame the Aurora, CO shooting at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises on the Tea Party, ABC News fingered the wrong guy. Despicable and indicative of media bias, to be sure. But that is, in my opinion, not ABC's only crime of the day.

I went to see The Dark Knight Rises myself today. (Highly recommend it, by the way.) Before the trailers the movie theater was running its normal loop of Entertainment Tonight-type promotions fro upcoming musical releases and new TV series.

The TV series featured today was one ABC is producing for this fall's season. It is called Last Resort.

The plot is this: the skipper of a US Navy nuclear submarine, the Colorado, receives an order to launch nuclear missiles at three cities in Pakistan. He refuses, on the grounds of, as far as I can tell, inability to confirm the identity of the person issuing that order. What happens next is not clear, but the Colorado is fired on by another US submarine. The promo hints at some sort of nefarious conspiracy within the US government but outside the chain of command. The Colorado is forced to hide near a tropical island where the skipper threatens to use his nuclear missiles on the US if anyone else comes after them.

Question: am I the only one who find this plot line for Last Resort tremendously offensive?

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  1. Seven Day in May, Dr. Strangelove, Ice Station Zebra, The Hunt for Red October............

    There's generally not a long wait for the next piece of fiction about another rouge military person.