Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lotsa stuff going on

Sorry for the light posting. I know there has been a lot of stuff to talk about. Obama's racist rants on video. The Univision investigation into fast & Furious. The tensions between China and Japan, and now between the two Koreas. The collapse of Obama's Middle East narrative. And, of course, tonight's debate.

Locally, there has been the insulting suggestion that we lose our homestead exemption or else Ballard will cut police and fire for an alleged lack of money, even though he somehow found money to put in bike lanes that no one wanted or needed. There is also the passage of the new Mass Ave TIF, which completes Indianapolis' descent into the corrupt and incompetent governance of East Chicago.

However, I have been absolutely swamped this past week. I hope to free up some time this weekend. In the meantime, check out my latest appearance on Civil Discourse Now, with Mark Small and Paul Ogden.


  1. Let's see if we can help fill-in:

    1)The fact that our President can successfully run for reelection (not just election), after sitting in a church pew for (20 years?), listening to his preacher routinely spew hatred, is a testimony to dual standard of our media.
    2)Univision Fast & Furious: Example 2 of said dual standard.
    3)China will as assertive as "Lead from Behind" and/or our lack of pertinent geopolitical coalitions permit.
    4)Middle East- see item 3
    5)Romney did well, but the President is a Chicago incumbent who'll every card there is- if need be.
    6)Re TIFs & bike lanes: Chicago will soon have to journey this way for a refresher on how it's done...


    Just in case you missed the halftime show from OSU - NU this weekend.