Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Why is Donald Trump so popular?

Because the leadership of the national Republican Party is worthless. Utterly worthless. Corrupt. Incompetent. Dishonest. Greedy. And above all stupid.

When they can't even stop the disastrous, incredibly stupid Iran Deal from going through ... heck, when they enable the Iran Deal to go through ...

Never have so many been so stupid on so serious and so obvious an issue. I'm with AllahPundit on this one:
Thus ends a breathtaking performance of Republican failure theater. Once upon a time, knowing that your party controlled both chambers of Congress would have given you great comfort that a terrible treaty negotiated with a terrorist power could never become law in the United States.
I think this makes it official: I’m on the Trump bandwagon. Hail Caesar.
Trump certainly can't do any worse.

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