Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Representative Gabrielle Giffords is stepping down.

Her retirement is understandable, but, still, this is sad on so many levels.  A very good representative, a very good person, giving her all for her constituents.  And she gets cut down by a nut case.  The US government in general and Congress in particular will be worse for the loss of Representative Giffords.

It does highlight the dangerous situation in which our country finds itself.  Elected officials, regardless of political affiliation, should not be physically attacked or threatened because of their political positions.  We have elections to change policies.  That's what civilized countries do.  Physically harming or even just threatening a legislator because of their policies is absolutely unacceptable, and is a bad sign for the deterioration of public institutions.

Godspeed, Representative Giffords.  Can't say I agreed with you, but you didn't deserve this.  May you be restored to full health in short order.

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  1. Lets just hope this is just one nut case who went off due to mental illness. If we don't turn things around in America it may the norm for Politicians and Corporate Execs to start having around the clock security. Now that would be sad! I'm not to worried yet since I haven't seen any nuts trying to take out any sports figures. I would say sports brings out the worst in people and politics rolls in second place.