Thursday, April 12, 2012

The bull in the china shop is China

China? Acting like a bully? Nooooo. It's so unlike them </sarcasm off>:

The standoff in the South China Sea between the naval forces of the Philippines and China is in danger of escalating, as the U.S. continues to watch anxiously.
China has now sent a third ship to support its claim to the area known as Scarborough Shoal off the northwestern Philippines.
Philippine warships attempting to arrest the crews of a Chinese fishing fleet that had entered the territory sparked the latest dispute between the two Asian countries.
They were stopped from doing so by the arrival of two Chinese surveillance ships, which then ordered the Philippine warships to leave the area.
They refused arguing that its Philippine territory and have since sent a second warship to the area.
"We're not retreating from our own territory," Alexander Pama, Chief Vice Admiral of the Philippine navy said.
China also claims the rich fishing ground as its own despite it being within 200 nautical miles of the Philippines.

"The timing of the dispute suggests China is keen to send a message to the Philippines and the U.S. ahead of their bilateral military exercise, and to assert its authority in the disputed area," Maria Patrikainen, a global insight analyst at IHS told Fox News.
The escalation in naval forces has caused consternation in capital across the Asian region and further afield.
"We urge all parties to exercise full restraint and seek a diplomatic resolution," a State Dept. spokesperson said.
On the surface this would seem to be a minor dispute between two countries but it is in fact part of a much wider problem that may lead to U.S. military involvement.
On any map you buy in China of the country you will see a huge bulge down in the south showing the territory it claims in the South China Sea.
It's an enormous area, which spreads near to the shores of the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Brunei and Malaysia.
It even spreads nearly as far as Singapore.
No other country in the region recognizes China's sovereignty, but that hasn't stopped Beijing from marking its claim by any means it can.
Obama's methods might often be horribly wrong, but he's right to at least focus on Asia. China is acting like Japan did in the 1930's, and we all know how that turned out. Fortunately, the US military seems to be getting ready for a conflict with China, no thanks to George W. Bush and his idiot Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

Check out War News Updates for a roundup of the standoff.

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