Thursday, April 12, 2012

Forgetting simple truths

Michael Ledeen has a must-read column titled Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. But Celebrated. He discusses simple truths established by history being willfully ignored by foreign policy "experts" today, especially in the cases of Syria and Iran. Two key grafs are simply irrefutable by anyone with a knowledge of world history:
Historians used to know that “peace” usually comes after one side defeats the other in war, and the winners impose terms on the losers.  That is what successful “peace conferences” are about, and the terms imposed on the losers define the “peace.”


Forget about working things out around conference tables.  The war against us is on, and we won’t have anything approaching peace until that war is won.  By us, or by our enemies.
Read the whole thing.

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  1. Great article. The author seems firmly entrenched in historical reality versus the respective schools of pixie dust or John Wayne emulation that pass for foreign policy (or economic policy for that matter).

    What if we were to believe in reality, and based that notion on hearing both sides of an issue as well as it's historical past?