Saturday, June 11, 2011

Background on the Falkland Islands

from Fausta Wertz.

As he makes clear, Argentina has no legitimate claim, geographic or historic, to the Falklands.  None.

And the Obama administration has no legitimate reason to support Argentina's claim.  None.

What is a bit disconcerting for me is the thought that if Argentina does invade the Falklands like they did in 1982, does Great Britain even have the capability to take them back?  Remember that Britain has just made draconian cuts in the Royal Navy.

If Argentina does go to war with Britain again, over the Falklands, I'm guessing that the British will have to withdraw their support for American military actions across the globe to come up with enough troops to handle a Falklands situation.  That would hurt US efforts around ther world.

Again, what possible benefit to the US does Obama think this policy could have?

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