Monday, June 27, 2011

The Pakistani ISI and Somali pirates?

Is Pakistan becoming a center of evil to join such places as Iran, Syria, North Korea and Venezuela? Between the obvious ISI support for bin Laden, their creation of the Taliban and the very large, very nasty Islamist faction within the country's northwest territories, you start to wonder.

Now Galrahn says this:

People have long asked where Somali pirates are getting all of their good intelligence from. They seem to know where the easy to hit ships will be, by name and all. There is ample evidence that Somali pirates are not working with Iran and they also do not appear to work in coordination with any Al Qaeda affiliated groups. One of the biggest questions that has popped up as a result of several different events over the last several months is how much influence and apparent connectivity ISI Chief Ahmed Shuja Pasha has with Somali pirate leaders. My sense is the relationship between Somali pirates and the ISI is the next big pirate story on the verge of busting into the media.

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  1. No doubt the ISI is nefarioius, but I don't think the Somali pirates need much more than a profit motive combined with the fact that the shipping industry is also quite corrupt. I don't think it would be that hard to bribe insiders to give you manifests at any port.