Thursday, July 21, 2011

Driving us to bankruptcy

We did it to the Soviet Union.  Are the malevolent mullahs of Iran doing it to us? Reza Kahlili points to an article posted on a web site run by the Pasdaran (Iranian Revolutionary Guards) that suggests as much:

The article continues that without a doubt the United States and its Western allies “will slowly but surely extricate their forces from the Middle East and Central Asia. Also, the security umbrella is from yesteryears (prior to the Second World War), which is conventional to the region, and will be effectively eliminated as well. This process has already begun in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan and though there are the exceptional American bases in the Persian Gulf, they will not last very long either.”

The analysis weighs in on the financial trouble in America:: “It appears that subsequent to several wars, the United States finds itself depleted and desperate. Their total debt exceeds $14.5 trillion which is equal to America’s GDP. Seemingly this year’s $900 billion will not stretch to cover the defense and military budget of the years to come. The United States will retreat from the world of Islam and the Arab world so that it can refocus its energy on China, which, in the American view, is its global rival.”

Recently, Iranian officials have increased their call for the U.S. forces to leave the region. This is while they continue to help Shiite militias in Iraq and Taliban fighters and al-Qaeda elements in Afghanistan to attack our forces.

The Iranians are also exerting pressure on the U.S. and its allies in the region by helping to incite unrest in Yemen, Bahrain, and elsewhere while calling for the unification of Muslims against Israel and America.

The strategy of the radicals ruling Iran is to keep the U.S. fixed in these theaters knowing full well the cost of the wars. They know that in order to achieve their goal of seeing the demise of America, they need to create circumstances where the U.S. can no longer afford the financial burden of protecting its interests in the region and therefore will be forced to withdraw its forces, allowing Iran to expand and exert power.
Ultimately, the federal debt is the fault if an incompetent administration in Washington that gives a low priority to the protection and defense of the United States.  But Iran is trying to exacerbate those monetary concerns.

The Iranian government is an enemy of the United States.  By choice.  It's well past time they be treated as one.

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