Sunday, July 31, 2011

This is how Islamists do it

To paraphrase Montell Jordan, "This is how they do it:"
Abdel Fattah Younes, the top military commander of the Libyan rebels and a former Libyan government official, has been assassinated by–according to opposition officials–an Islamist militia. That’s a problem with Islamists: they murder people and intimidate with threats and violence. Consequently, they often get their way. Reformers can’t compete with that kind of thing. That’s why prospects in Libya or Egypt are not good. That’s the kind of thing that Westerners tend to forget since, despite what the mass media might say, Sarah Palin for example doesn’t have an armed militia dedicated to wiping out her enemies by decapitation.

In a few weeks or months, the Salafists in Egypt will probably start killing (or at least trying to do so) outspoken secularists. The Muslim Brotherhood won’t be involved directly but will point its finger and denounce people who are then targeted by other Islamist groups. The Western media will then remind us constantly that the Brotherhood has “renounced” violence and even that the Brotherhood is “protecting” Egypt from the “real” hardliners. Of course, for every person shot at, wounded, or killed (10, or is it 100 or 1000?) are thus intimidated.
And there are so many more instances.  Lebanon.  Iraq.  Afghanistan.  Read the whole thing.

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  1. It is much much more complicated than this. I find Western people's criticism of undeveloped people and countries strange. Civilization goes through various cycles and all nations will not be at the same state at the same time. Is this a reason to see ourselves better- when we ourselves have nothing to do with to whom we were born to or what nation or race we are a part of? Have you traveled to the Middle East or North Africa? Do you know any Arabs- sat with them for tea, broken bread with them- even here in the US? Your posts from what I have read about Muslims and Arabs are as conspiracy theory driven as what radical Arabs write about the West- just the other side of the coin. Except I hold you- more than the Islamic radical from the East- to a higher standard. I guess I will just need to come to terms with the fact that there will always be a percentage of society that is like this-hungry to claim superiority, divide humanity and wait for the war that will prove they are right.